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Mountee doesn’t connect to my site

Here a few common issues that prevent Mountee from connecting properly. Please contact us using the support form if none of these suggestions help.

  • Ensure that you’ve installed the appropriate Mountee module for your site. Remember that after you copy the module files to your ExpressionEngine site folder you must also visit the modules page in the ExpressionEngine control panel and click install.
  • Make sure that “Allow multiple log-ins from a single account?” on the Security and Sessions Preferences page is set to “Yes”.
  • If you are using Basic HTTP Authentication (ie htpasswd) to hide your site while you work on it, Mountee will not connect. As an alternative, we suggest that you turn your site off in the ExpressionEngine control panel. This will hide your site from everyone but logged in super admins.
  • If you are connecting to an https site that’s using a self signed SSL certificate, you must add the certificate it to your keychain and set the Trust settings to “Always Trust’.
  • Mountee assumes that the URLs you enter point or redirect to the index.php — if this is not the case, enter the full path to your index.php, like and

If none of these help, open up /Applications/Utilities/, then start up Mountee and try to log in. Email us the log messages recorded as Mountee tries to connect. These may give us some clues to help diagnose the problem.