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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to a few of the questions we’ve been asked about Mountee.

My Mountee 2.7.5 is not working with Sierra. What should I do?

Update your app to Mountee 2.8.0 and update OSX Fuse to the latest version.

If I upgrade Mountee, will it still work with multiple sites?

The latest version does not enforce a limit on sites, so your current version will keep on working as you expect. However, we encourage you to bring your license situation up to date as soon as you can. Your support now will make better future updates a reality.

How many sites can I use Mountee with?

One Mountee license grants one user permission to use the Mountee app on their computer(s). It also grants permission for the Mountee add-on to be installed on one live site (and any related development sites).

Additional licenses should be purchased for additional sites. You may use the app to connect to any ExpressionEngine site that has the Mountee add-on installed. View full license agreement.

Does Mountee work with EE’s Multi Site Manager?

Yes! Please have a read of this support article for important information about using Mountee with ExpressionEngine’s Multi Site Manager.

Does Mountee work with 1.x versions of EE?

Yes! Mountee works with EE 1.6.x upwards. You need to install the appropriate module for your EE version. You can download modules for both EE1 and EE2 here.

Does Mountee run on a 64-bit kernel?


Is Mountee available for Windows?

No. We built Mountee to make things easier for our work developing EE sites on a Mac and it relies on an OS X specific framework called “OSXFuse”.

Does Mountee work with git?

Yes. Please see this article about Mountee and git.

How is this different from EE’s built-in file sync?

Mountee communicates directly with your MySQL database, so you don’t have to worry about keeping files in sync. This also means that when you save a file on your Mountee drive, it knows to reset the cache, add a new revision, etc. You can also control template attributes – like caching and PHP processing – directly from your editor.

Mountee also allows you to edit your snippets and global variables as files too.

Everyone uses ExpressionEngine in a different way, so we recommend downloading a 14 day trial to see if Mountee helps your workflow.