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Mountee Change Log

Version 2.8.0

Released 23 Dec, 2016

  • Add compatibility with OSX Fuse 3
  • Add compatibility with OSX Sierra (10.12)

Version 2.7.5

Released 31 Mar, 2015

  • Fix issue when editing snippet
  • Fix issue when editing a template used by Structure
  • Fix issue when editing templates with Coda

Version 2.7.4

Released 24 Mar, 2015

  • New feature: OS X Notifications for the various things that Mountee does
  • Bug fixed: When session expired, Mountee would display looping error messages.
  • Bug fixed: Mounted ‘drives’ will now show up in the finder sidebar automatically as they properly should.
  • Upgraded the EE add-on to remove deprecated calls (Mountee will require this new add-on on all sites)

Version 2.7.3

Released 13 Feb, 2015

  • Upgraded the version of OS X Fuse that gets installed

Version 2.7.2

Released 26 Nov, 2014

  • Fixed an occasional crashing error on launch in Yosemite. If it crashes on you before it can run the update, you can re-download the application from the Web site. Your preferences will be preserved.

Version 2.7.1

Released 31 Oct, 2014

  • Fixed a few edge cases; Mountee should now work more reliably with every version from EE 1.6.x to EE 2.9.2

Version 2.7

Released 01 Oct, 2014

  • Mountee now works with EE 2.8 and EE 2.9. Hooray!
  • Important: New license terms. We’ve restructured the pricing and licensing model of Mountee. If you upgrade, you are agreeing to the terms of the new Mountee license. Please be sure you read and agree to the new license conditions before you upgrade, especially if you use Mountee with multiple sites. (But also note: upgrading to this version won’t stop Mountee from working with any of your sites. We wouldn’t do that to you.)
  • This is also our first release of a Mac application, so please let us know immediately if there’s anything that seems wonky. We want to get it fixed ASAP.
  • If you like Mountee, please tweet about Mountee and perhaps give us a review on devot:ee. The continued development of Mountee depends on a broad user base (and vice versa, of course!)
  • This is build 210, and it has a hot fix from build 200.

Version 2.6.1

Released 12 Feb, 2014

  • Additional fixes to issue where template ids would increment when saving, breaking their connections to Pages.
  • Compatible with EE 2.7, but not EE 2.8. Application development discontinued.

Version 2.6

Released 09 Feb, 2014

  • Fix bug preventing license registration.
  • Fix OS X Fuse installer and update to 2.6.2
  • Fix Mavericks issue where templates would get recreated with each save, changing the template id.

Version 2.5.2

Released 30 May, 2013

  • OS X administrator password no longer required when connecting with a standard OS X user account.
  • Fixed a bug preventing Mountee from correctly finding the site name when adding a new site.
  • Fixed a bug preventing Mountee from connecting to sites whose redirect method was set to “Refresh”.

Version 2.5.1

Released 28 May, 2013

  • Note: This update requires a mountee module update in the control panel.
  • Fixes issues with non-admin users of Mountee
  • Fixes a bug preventing Mountee from correctly reconnecting when the session ends.
  • Fixes a bug where Mountee could leave temporary files in Snippets or Global Variables when using Sublime Text 3 or Textmate 2.
  • Update to Modules to address JSON warning in EE 2.6+
  • Fixed some issues where Mountee could show a site as connected after an failed connection.
  • Rename ‘disable cache’ option to be clearer.
  • Lots of internal refactoring to make any future maintenance and bug fixes quicker.
  • Added basic reporting to help us to plan for future versions.
  • Updated bundled OS X Fuse version.

Version 2.4.1

Released 21 Dec, 2012

  • Fixed a bug that prevented Mountee from connecting to the latest versions of Expression Engine
  • Upgraded OS X Fuse version for greater stability on Mountain Lion

Version 2.4

Released 03 Aug, 2012

  • Fixes crash regression from last version. This was preventing many sites from connecting.
  • Includes an updated version of OS X Fuse the fixes a Kernel Panic in Mountain Lion

Version 2.3.14

Released 16 Jul, 2012

  • Fixed cookie bug that could prevent logging in
  • Updates bundled OSXFuse to 2.4.3 and prompts you to upgrade.
  • Experimental support for Mountain Lion

Version 2.3.12

Released 17 May, 2012

NOTE: This update requires that you update your CP modules to the new versions.

  • Compatibility with EU Cookie Module.
  • Improved reliability of “No Cache” mode.
  • Less ‘chatty’ with the server for improved performance.
  • End of MacFuse support — MacFuse has not been officially updated in years. The OS X Fuse project has taken over and Mountee now requires this instead
  • Mountee can auto-install OS X Fuse if required.
  • If you installed the beta on an EE 1.x site, you will need to update that module again, otherwise everything is the same as the last beta.

Version 2.3.11

Released 28 Feb, 2012

  • Fixed bug where connecting to Mountee could log you out of the CP
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Mountee from remembering the window size and position between sessions

Version 2.3.10

Released 30 Jan, 2012

  • Fixed problem with the Mountee File Preferences Panel
  • Resolved issues with MacFuse plugin. Since MacFuse has been discontinued OS X Fuse is now supported too. We highly recommend upgrading to it when you have time.
  • Added 32bit support back.

Version 2.3.9

Released 30 Jan, 2012

  • Resolved issues with MacFuse plugin. Since MacFuse has been discontinued OS X Fuse is now supported too. We highly recommend upgrading to it when you have time.
  • Added 32bit support back.

Version 2.3.6

Released 10 Oct, 2011

  • Fixed bugs retrieving the site name from ExpressionEngine.
  • Site names are now manually editable (right click on the source list)
  • Re-ordering of sites in the source list is now possible
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing favicon retrieval from working

Version 2.3.5

Released 12 Sep, 2011

  • Fixed crash when an incorrect CP URL was entered

Version 2.3.4

Released 01 Sep, 2011

  • Fixed a bug connecting to sites with customised admin login pages
  • Fixed the accidental lack of a 32bit binary (App would not run on older Snow Leopard Macs)
  • Reworked the login code to make it more robust
  • Fixed a bug where Mountee was requesting an admin password to connect every site

Version 2.3.3

Released 16 Aug, 2011

  • Fixed a bug in a recent update to the module that was causing problems when saving and creating new snippets. This requires a module update for the EE2 module. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  • Fixed a bug preventing Mountee from connecting to some IIS servers

Version 2.3.2

Released 12 Aug, 2011

  • Fixed crashing bug
  • EE2 module was not showing global snippets on MSM sites — if this was a problem, you will need to update your EE2 module
  • If your MSM site is showing the templates of the default site instead of the MSM site, add the following to your masked CP admin.php page (substitute ‘msm_site_name’ for your site’s shortname)
    $assign_to_config['site_name'] =  'msm_site_name';

Version 2.3.1

Released 05 Aug, 2011

  • Fixed various bugs that were preventing Mountee from logging in to some sites.
  • Fixed a bug in the EE1 module that was making a bad assumption about paths on the server.
  • EE1 module now works properly on servers running PHP < 5.2 — If you’ve had a problem, please update your modules. (There’s no need to if it’s working though.)
  • Users with non-admin accounts on Mac OS X were not able to connect any sites. In these cases Mountee will now prompt for admin privileges. Please get in touch at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) if you are still unable to connect.

Version 2.3

Released 01 Aug, 2011

  • Mac OS X 10.7 support. Lion requires a MacFuse update if you haven’t already installed it.
  • EE 2.2.1 support. A number of login and session issues are resolved. Logging in via Mountee and Safari using the same account was logging users out in some cases.
  • New Preferences: Option to turn off the ‘No Site Default Set Warning’ & option to prevent Mountee from opening a Finder window after connecting.
  • Turn Caching Off: Preference to disable caching to allow you to work with others. More details here.
  • Site root URL is no longer required when adding a site.
  • Modules require updating for this release. Download the latest versions here.

Version 2.2

Released 06 May, 2011

  • Support for the ExpressionEngine Multi-Site Module — please see this support article for important information about setting Mountee up on an MSM site
  • Added ⌘W shortcut for closing the Mountee window
  • Fixed a bug in the EE1 module that was causing strings like “\0020” to be changed to “20” when saved
  • You must update your modules — Download Modules (includes EE1 + EE2 modules)
  • Last chance to buy for $39 throughout May; Mountee will cost $59 from June.

Version 2.1.2

Released 28 Mar, 2011

  • Fixed a crash when adding new sites.

Version 2.1.1

Released 26 Mar, 2011

  • Locally hosted URLs without any top level domain were getting ‘.com’ added to them. It is now possible to enter a one word domain.
  • Some site setups required a full path be entered to the index.php — Mountee is now smarter about finding these
  • Fixed an inaccurate link to the website in one of the error messages

Version 2.0.9

Released 23 Mar, 2011

  • We’re excited to announce the launch of Mountee 2. It features a completely redesigned interface and is a free update for existing license holders.
  • Favourites — save all of your ExpressionEngine sites to Mountee.
  • Connect to multiple ExpressionEngine sites at once — drag-and-drop templates from a dev to live site.
  • Extended trial — Mountee 1.0 trial expired? No worries! Have another 14 days.
  • Numerous bug fixes and improvements
  • You must update your modules to use Mountee 2.0 — Download Modules (includes EE1 + EE2 modules)

Version 1.2.4

Released 07 Feb, 2011

  • Fixed a bug that prevented Mountee from connecting if your EE1.x site was switched off

Version 1.2.3

Released 10 Jan, 2011

  • Mountee now supports 1.6.x — Download the EE1 module here

Version 1.2.2

Released 13 Dec, 2010

  • Fixed issue where Freebie extension was blocking the Mountee module from working
  • Fixed issue causing duplication of files in Coda when a Find and Replace in Project was run
  • Fixed issue where an expired cookie would prevent logging in

Version 1.2.1

Released 08 Dec, 2010

  • Fixed a bug where Mountee would silently fail when the CP session expired. Mountee will now log back in automatically. If it cannot log back in, it will warn you.
  • Mountee can now connect when the “Session ID only” session option has been selected. However there is currently a bug in ExpressionEngine preventing this feature from working.
  • This release requires an update to the EE module. Download it here.

Version 1.2

Released 01 Dec, 2010

  • NEW: Snippets and Global Variables.
  • FIXED: Mountee wasn’t handling HTTPS sites correctly.
  • FIXED: Caching slider in Prefs Panel gives instant feedback.
  • FIXED: Some characters in passwords were not being passed correctly.
  • UPDATED: This release requires an update to the EE module. Download it here.

Version 1.1

Released 11 Nov, 2010

  • NEW: Mountee now does file extensions! Read more on the mountee website.
  • UPDATED: This release requires an update to the EE module. Download it here.

Version 1.0.3

Released 09 Nov, 2010

  • FIXED: Fixed MacFuse connection problem caused by a last minute change of icon.

Version 1.0.2

Released 09 Nov, 2010

  • FIXED: If you had renamed your index.php, Mountee would fail to connect. Now you can just enter the full path instead.
  • FIXED: Mountee would fail when the Apache mod_security module was turned on. It will now warn you to turn it off.
  • FIXED: If you have no site default folder selected, Mountee was failing to connect. It will now connect properly and warn you to select one.
  • FIXED: Mountee will now warn you and refuse to run on 10.5 and lower.
  • FIXED: An issue which was preventing connections to certain sites when switched off was fixed.
  • FIXED: License check would occasionally show the approval window twice.

Version 1.0.1

Released 03 Nov, 2010

  • FIXED: Mountee was having trouble logging in with unusual letters in passwords, eg: @ or $.
  • FIXED: Mountee would not log in if you had customised your cookie prefix in the Control Panel.
  • REMOVED: Greyed out preferences menu item in

Version 1.0

Released 01 Nov, 2010

  • Added a check for 64bit Kernel.
  • Changed Mountee Prefs shortcut to ⌥⇧⌘I